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Black friday & cyber monday crock pot deals 2023

Are you looking for black friday & cyber monday crock pot deals for the year 2023? You are at the right place! We hand-picked some of the best selling and top rated models for this year and your only task is to choose the model according to your needs. Besides crock pot, we will show you some of the hottest slow cooker deals for this time of year.


All-Clad SD700350 Slow cooker, 7 Quart Silver


All-Clad SD700350 Slow cooker, 7 Quart Silver

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All-Clad slow cooker is made of stainless steel. Dimensions of this model are 19.9 inches by 14.2 inches by 11.3 inches. Its capacity is 7 quarts and it comes in silver color. All-Clad slow cooker has four different modes for cooking and it’s easy to use display suitable for beginners. It comes with handles so you can serve food directly on the table. But remember, don’t put insert in the oven. Model can be washed in a dishwasher. If you are looking for the best black friday & cyber monday aluminum slow cooker, this is one of the best rated you can find at Amazon.

Pros and Cons of All-Clad slow cooker

Main advantages of All-Clad slow cooker are:

  • easy to clean,
  • amazing temperature control,
  • even cooking,
  • dishwasher safe.

Main disadvantages of All-Clad slow cooker are:

  • a bit heavy.


According to the reviews, the cooker is made in China but designed in United States. Almost all models on the market are made in China (on the link see the article: slow cookers made in usa). You can make all types of food with this model – roasted beef, tasty stew, chicken breasts and many more.


Crock-Pot SCCPVL610-S-A 6-Quart Cook & Carry Programmable Slow Cooker


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Crock-Pot Cook and Carry slow cooker is original Crock Pot brand it comes in stainless steel color. It’s also made of stainless steel and this means it is stable, sturdy and safe to use. Dimensions of this model are compact – 9.4 inches by 15.1 inches by 14.8 inches. Crock-Pot slow cooker has 6 quarts capacity, you can cook enough amount of food for the whole family.

Main features of Crock-pot programmable slow cooker are simple and effective. It has digital timer and a display where you can choose a program for cooking your favorite food. Lid is locked hard to prevent any mishaps during cooking period. Model works on 240 watts of power at 120 volts.

Pros and Cons of Crock-Pot programmable slow cooker

Main advantages of Crock-Pot slow cooker are:

  • easy to clean,
  • it keeps food warm,
  • it holds lot of food,
  • it’s not expensive.

Main disadvantages of Crock-Pot slow cooker are:

  • exterior gets a bit hot.


Wolf Gourmet Programmable 6-in-1 Multi Cooker


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Wolf Gourmet Programmable multi cooker comes with seven quarts capacity, with temperature probe and it’s made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is always a good choice when it comes to slow cookers and crock pots. Dimensions of this model are 14.5 inches by 19.7 inches by 17.8 inches. Wolf Gourmet brand is maybe not most famous in the world, but with good reviews and good-quality products, it finds its way to the buyers.

Wolf Gourmet multi cooker is easy to use, even if you didn’t have slow cooker before. You just need to select a heat setting, setup the temperature and wait for a meal to be finished. And that’s not all – Wolf Gourmet offers amazing five years warranty. If you have any issues with this product, support will give you an answer and help you in a no time. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday crock pot deals and discounts, support may be a little bit slow, but don’t worry, you will get your answer as soon as possible.

Pros And Cons

Main advantages of Wolf Gourmet multi cooker are:

  • made of non-stick materials,
  • for every-day use,
  • it saves time,
  • for various types of meals.

Main disadvantages of this model are:

  • handles get really hot, so be careful,
  • a bit heavy.


Crock-Pot Stainless Steel Trio Cook & Serve Slow Cooker


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This is something a bit different from regular slow cookers and crock pots. Slow cooker Black Friday and Cyber Monder deals for 2023 offers you a chance to get one of the most interesting and, according to many, must-have products for your kitchen. Crock Pot stainless steel trio is not one, not two, but three-in-one product – it cooks, it warms and it serves food. It’s great if you have large family and friends gatherings in your house, it saves you a lot of time because you can also serve food in it.

What’s interesting with this model? Each crock has individual temperature control and this means you can prepare three different meals at once. Imagine how much time it will save you.

You can choose from three different settings for each crock, there are low, high and warm temperature. And that’s not everyting – crock pot includes three spoons for servings and lids made of glass.

Dimensions of this model are 25.7 inches by 12 inches by 7 inches. It weighs sixteen pounds, it’s a bit heavy but you don’t have to move it around your kitchen when you once find a place to put it.

Pros And Cons

Main advantages of Crock Pot Trio cooker are:

  • great for small gatherings,
  • time saver and power saver,
  • made of sturdy materials,
  • easy to use and to clean.

Main disadvantages of Crock Pot Trio cooker are:

  • crocks a bit small, they are only 1.5 quarts.


According to the buyers, Crock-Pot trio cook and server slow cooker is a small but very handy kitchen appliance. If you have unplanned dinner or uninvited guests, this product will be your best new friend. You can use all three crocks for meal preparation, but you should note that crocks are small in size, so don’t invite too much people.


We all know that end of November is period of time when people love to shop! Black Friday offers nice discounts where you can save a lot of money. Black Friday and Cyber Monday crock pot and slow cooker deals in 2023 are great opportunity to find high-quality models for affordable price. We hope that we helped you to choose the right models according to your needs.


Besides these hand-picked slow cookers, we present you four more models below which you can consider before you make your final decision for buying:

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