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Best Instant Pots for Cooking Spaghetti

The rich sweet, sour, spicy, and tarty chewy spaghetti is a very old Italian dish. Many believe that spaghetti is an Italian dish that mainly originated in the Middetarranean. But this isn’t the case, Chinese cuisine inspired spaghetti and other pasta dishes. Long ago, people cooked spaghetti by boiling it on a pot or kettle […]

Best Multi Cookers to Buy in 2021

Multi Cookers are efficient little machines that can help make an entire meal in one small, programmable machine. They are usually much cleaner and safer than your typical stove and can cook virtually any type of meal on your mind. Found the top 5 best Multi Cookers you can buy in 2021. 1.) COMFEE 5.2 […]