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BLACK and DECKER SCD7007SSD 7-Quart Digital Slow Cooker Review

As my old slow cooker had seen better days, I began shopping around looking for a replacement. Although I only recognised the Black and Decker brand and having made my fathers drill, I knew he was happy with the quality of the brand.

When it can to the production of a high-quality cooking product, I wasn’t sure about their track record. But I am delighted I took a risk as because I liked the look of their new 7 quarts digital slow cooker and the addition of the temperature probe and other functions.

I’ve been using the Black & Decker now for a few months and I have been making chili’s, soups and many other different things. Just like my old one, or virtually any slow cooker if you have time, cooking is easy. It’s a matter of throwing what you want into the device and turning it on. But having said that this slow cooker has some neat features.

The settings and functions

You can choose from three settings: either low, warm or high. High cooks allow you to prepare food in as little as three or four hours A low cook takes eight to nine hours and a warm one takes roughly about 8 hours or as long as you need. So by selecting one of these it will automatically be given the number of hours and you can adjust them to either more or less depending on your needs.

The crock that comes with the 7 quarts is generous; you get almost 8 servings and having tons of leftovers, which gives you the facility to comfortably cook for a smaller crowd. The crock itself is stoneware and removable, meaning you can just set it aside to cool and pop it into the refrigerator when you’re finished. How are you can take what’s the leftovers out it’s easy clean.

black decker scd7007ssd 7 quart

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The crock also has a built-in lid holder, which I wasn’t sure I’d make use of until I made a chili to take to my son’s friend’s birthday party. The lid itself easily locks into place, meaning when you’re traveling you don’t have to worry about it popping off. And both are very dishwasher friendly, meaning cleaning them is not an issue

Although I’ve been using slow cookers for years, I love the recipe book that came with the device as it allowed me to learn how to use the additional sous-vide function. This is something that doesn’t come standard in most slow cookers and has proved to be useful

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Easy to use It costs more than the standard slow cooker
Cooks a wide variety of meals While it works just fine as a regular slow cooker, if you don’t need the sous-vide function or a temperature probe.
Can make more complicated dishes in a shorter amount of time
Thanks to the sous-vide function it’s simple to use

Key features

A 7-Quart Digital-Slow-Cooker
Temperature Probe allows for Precise Cooking
Sous Vide Function allows for Restaurant-Quality Meals
Digital Control Panel
Removable Stoneware-Crock

Why should you buy the BLACK+DECKER SCD7007SSD 7-Quart Digital Slow Cooker?

I found the design of this Black & Decker slow cooker to be even more efficient than advertised. To the stage where some foods cook even faster than you might think. For example, it can do soups in half the time without overcooking them. It’s important not to lose sight that this is a slow cooker, it’s not designed to allow you to quickly snap a meal together in a few hours

People buy these because they want to cook more slowly than they usually make meals suitable for slow cookers such as soups and chilies, and because of this it’s an excellent addition to their kitchen.

Some people consider the price tag to be slightly off-putting as they think they won’t use the bells and whistles that come on this slow cooker. All they learn by turning to cheaper, simpler devices is that they have got what they have paid for.

Even though you’ve been comfortably saving $30 by buying a much cheaper non-brand slow cooker, it’s going to last half the time and offer far fewer functions, nevermind the lower build quality and everything else that comes with cheaper devices.

We hope you enjoyed the BLACK and DECKER SCD7007SSD 7 Quart Digital Slow Cooker Review.


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